astringent = 

Pronunciation =  astringent

Pronunciation in Chinese = 

astringent in Chinese:

Part of speechadjective

Definition in English: causing the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues. 

Definition in Chinese: 导致皮肤细胞和其他身体组织收缩。

Examples in English:

  • You can use astringent to make your skin less oily

Examples in Chinese:

  • 你可以用收敛剂让你的皮肤不那么油腻

Synonyms of astringent

Synonyms in Chinese 苦的,尖锐的,严厉的,尖刻的
Synonyms in English bitter, sharp, severe, acerbic

Antonyms of astringent

Antonyms in Chinese 清淡、温和、清凉
Antonyms in English bland, mild, sweer

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