crass Cūlǔ de

Cūlǔ de

crass = Cūlǔ de

Pronunciation =  crass

Pronunciation in Chinese = 粗鲁的

crass in Chinese: Cūlǔ de

Part of speechadjective 

Definition in English: showing no intelligence or sensitivity. 

Definition in Chinese: 没有表现出智慧或敏感性。

Examples in English:

  • Robert, can you please stop being a crass and show some sensitivity.

Examples in Chinese:

  • 罗伯特,你能不能别粗鲁,表现出一些敏感。

Synonyms of crass

Synonyms in Chinese 愚蠢的,
Synonyms in English stupid, insensitive, dense, thick

Antonyms of crass

Antonyms in Chinese 聪明的
Antonyms in English intelligent

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