hamstring Shéng jī

Shéng jī

hamstring = Shéng jī

Pronunciation =  hamstring

Pronunciation in Chinese = 绳肌

hamstring in Chinese: Shéng jī

Part of speechnoun,

Definition in English: Noun:1) One of the five strong thin tissues (tendons)behind your knee.

Verb: 2) Make ineffective or powerless. 

Definition in Chinese: 名词:1)膝盖后面的五个结实的薄组织(肌腱)之一。


Examples in English:

  • Noun:1) The hamstring of a sportman sometimes get injured due to the activities he is involved in.

    Verb:2) It is necessary to hamstring the students in school to maintain discipline.

Examples in Chinese:

  • 名词:1)运动员的腿筋有时会因为参与的活动而受伤。


Synonyms of hamstring

Synonyms in Chinese 禁用,la足,让步,削弱
Synonyms in English disable, lame, handicap, weaken

Antonyms of hamstring

Antonyms in Chinese 加强,鼓励,力量
Antonyms in English strenghten, encourage, power

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