HSK Exam India 2022, Dates, Centres

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Spoken by over 1.3 billion people across the globe, or almost 16% of the entire world’s population, Chinese is considered to be an ancient language. In fact, there are multiple different varieties of this language but most people consider them to be variants of the same origin. Currently, Mandarin is by far the most popular variant, but there are other culturally backed variants such as Cantonese, Yue and Wu. Additionally, the Standard Chinese’s considered to be derived from the Beijing Dialect.

When we consider the vast population that fluently speaks the Chinese language as well as the impact of China in the global market, there is absolutely no doubt that the language is an extremely influential and useful one. In fact, it can prove to be super useful to those looking to enter the global market and require an edge or an advantage over their colleagues. With that said, it is important for an individual to prove their proficiency in the language in order to enjoy its benefits. You can do this by attempting the HSK exam in India.

Let’s now understand what HSK Test is all about.

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Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, HSK; Chinese: 汉语水平考试; pinyin: Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì ), translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test is the standardised international test meant to validate the Chinese language abilities of all the non native Chinese speakers. This certification is useful for all personal, academic as well as professional requirements. With that said, there are nine different levels to be precise. All these nine levels only cater to the three out of the four skills required. In order to validate your speaking skills apart from reading, listening and writing which are all validated by HSK, an individual must pass the HSSK exam.

What is the HSK system? Let’s see!

Proficiency Scales or CLPS as well as CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. While there are three total stages, there exist a total of nine levels (post 2022). The stages and levels are as follows:

  1. Beginners: HSK 1,2 and 3 (Similar to A1 and A2)
  2. Intermediate: HSK 4,5 and 6 (Similar to B1 and B2)
  3. Advanced: HSK 7,8 and 9 (Similar to C1 and C2)

Where are the exams conducted?

The government institution by the name of Chinese Testing International or CTI handles these exams and has established over 1,208 exam centre’s over 155 different countries. In India, for the year 2022, the centre’s are as follows: 


  • Space Computer & Training Academy, Gwalior

Address: E-46, Balwant Nagar, Gandhi Road, Gwalior (M.P.).


  • Ceeco International Consultancy & Training Centre, Kannur

Address: Honda showroom building, Manna, Taliparamba, Kannur district, Kerala.


  • Safalya International Educare Pvt Ltd, Gujarat

Address: 215/216, Pramukh Arcade, Reliance Cross Road, Kudasan, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.


  • Malabar Aviation Academy, Calicut

Address: 4th Floor, Emarald Mall, Mavoor Road, Calicut, Kerala.


  • The School of Chinese Language, Kolkata

Address: 113A, Matheswartala Road, Chinatown, Kolkata.


  •  Langma School of Languages, New Delhi

Address: Langma School Of Languages, E78, South Ex. – I, New-Delhi.


  • J. Somaiya Center for Buddhist Studies, Mumbai

Address: Somaia Campus, Management Building, 3rd Floor, Vidyavihar, Mumbai.


  • Meenakshi Public School Campus, Gurgaon

Address: Sector – 10A, Gurgaon (Haryana).


  • Confucius Institute at Vellore University of Technology

Address: VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.


  • Confucius Institute, University of Mumbai

Address: Ranade Bhavan, 8, Vidyanagari, Kalina Campus, Santacruz (E), Mumbai.


  • Arise Medical Academy, Hyderabad

Address: 2nd Floor, Bank of India, Nanal Nagar Road, Dist: Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.


  • Seacom Skills University

Address: Kendradangal, Bolpur, Dist: Birbhum, West Bengal.

When are the HSK exams conducted?

In India, the exam is held fourteen times in an year and in the year 2022, the exam is held on the following dates:


Exam Date Registration- Paper Based Registration – Internet Based Result Date
8 Jan 2022 12 Dec 2021 29 Dec 2021 Feb 15 / Jan 24
26 Mar2022 27 Feb 2022 16 Mar 2022 Apr 26 / Apr 11
9 Apr 2022 13 Mar 2022 30 Mar 2022 May 16 / Apr 25
14 May 2022 17 Apr 2022 4 May 2022 June 14 / May 30
12 Jun 2022 16 May 2022 2 Jun 2022 July 12 / June 27
16 Jul 2022 19 Jun 2022 6 Jul 2022 Aug 16 / Aug 1
21 Aug 2022 25 Jul 2022 11 Aug 2022 Sept 21 / Sept 5
17 Sep 2022 25 Jul 2022 11 Aug 2022 Oct 24 / Oct 10
16 Oct 2022 18 Sept 2022 6 Oct 2022 Nov 16 / Oct 31
19 Nov 2022 23 Oct 2022 9 Nov 2022 Dec 19 / Dec 5
4 Dec 2022 7 Nov 2022 24 Nov 2022 Jan 4, 2023 / Dec 19 2022

Registration, Password, Try Again

How to Register for HSK Exams?

Made up of six independent tests at various levels ranging from HSK Level 1 (lowest) to HSK Level 6. (highest), HSK certifies your Chinese language proficiency based on the level you can pass, via two different formats internet or paper based.

To register for an HSK Exam, paper based or internet, it is recommended that you do so by creating a new HSK account on the website: www.chinesetest.cn. Select a language out of English and Chinese before proceeding.

Choose the level you wish to apply for the test, your country, state, city you wish to take the test in, and the format you wish to give the test in-paper based or internet. After this, upload a Government ID, photo, and pay the fee (if an online option exists) using a method of your choice before the deadline advised during the registration..


  • Registration must be completed within 4 weeks ahead of the target test date. You can register literally in 24 hours any day of the year.
  • If the online payment/registration is not available to you, kindly call your nearest center to know more about the documents needed and visit them to complete all formalities. if you have no center near you you could send all documents via mail. Kindly check the website for the required document list.
  • Creating an HSK account will help you print your admission ticket a few days ahead of the test date(usually the Monday of the test week) and to see your scores online at a later stage, that are available two weeks after an internet test and a month after the paper based test, and informed to you via your credentials provided during the registration.
  • HSK can be attempted by any one irrespective of the age however, its recommended that younger students(<14) attempt YCT aka Youth Chinese Test and everyone above the age of 14 attempt Level 5/6.
  • Please carry the same ID in original that you submitted for the registration to the exam center.
  • HSK fee are not refundable at any stage.
  • Kindly add your details very carefully as they cannot be changed after you have registered. Also be sure of the test dates you are entering, as a significant fee is applicable if its requested close to ten days of your test, impossible to change after ten days but free if requested between 10-27 days ahead of the test. Change is also permitted only once.

Exam Fee

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The HSK test registration fee is totally based on the level and the country in which you will take the test. Typically, the test costs anywhere between Rs. 1600 and Rs. 8000. The HSK test fee is converted into local currency if you are attempting HSK from any country other than China, and varies depending on your location. Students are requested to check out the website of their local testing center to find out how much each HSK test costs in their country/city. The prices for internet or paper based exams typically remain the same

How to learn for HSK Exams?

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Ultimately, HSK is a way to get a professional certification in Chinese proficiency.

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