Learn english from telugu

Learn English from Telugu in just 10 minutes a day with our interactive lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to improve your language, Multibhashi is the best app to learn English online.

Telugu- A widely spoken Language

Telugu is the third most spoken language in India by the number of native speakers. It is also one of the oldest languages. Telugu is also understood by many across as India as Telugu films are quite popular. It is also the most spoken language when compared to the other Dravidian languages. The inception of Telugu dates back to 6th Century A.D.  By now you know how popular a language Telugu is. Multibhashi offers you a good chance to learn English from Telugu, thus making your task easier. Use the app to better your English grammar and start speaking English more fluently.

The need to learn English?

A large number of the Telugu speaking population do not know how to speak English.Places like Hyderabad being the hub of IT professionals, it is important for one to learn English for better communication. The need for everyone within Andhra and Telangana to learn English is inevitable. Both the younger and older generation need to be acquainted with having English conversations. Andhra and Telangana are also placed with high floating population and hence a common language is definitely necessary. Make use of the Multibhasha app as it helps you learn English through Telugu. Your job is made much simpler. Using the app regularly will help you in improving your vocabulary and English pronunciation.


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Learn english from telugu


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