Learn english through skype

Learn ENGLISH through SKYPE


One to One

One to one sessions enable faster learning as there is someone to help you out at your call. It is the same as seeking a friend’s help whenever you are in trouble with something. Experts from Multibhashi will help you improve your Language skills.


You can learn at your place and time of convenience. Be it at your home or at any point of time, Multibhashi is there to help you out. You can thus learn English effectively through Skype call. You are just one click away from a wonderful learning experience.

Learn with Experts

We have the best trainers from across the country who can hand-hold you during this learning process. They help you by correcting you at the spot and urge you to practice more conversations thus perfecting your pronunciation and grammar.

24×7 Support

Multibhashi provides you Email, phone, and chat-based prompt customer support. This way you get to enjoy a better learning experience through skype call.We have an efficient support team to assist you.We value our customers the most.

Learn & improve your English through Skype

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(Teacher at Vidyaprasar Vidyamandir)

“It is very effective class,where anyone can learn or disclose thier thoughts and can clarify the thoughts.”

Raj Kumar


“A very good medium to learn English. Since it was live and one to one, I could learn better.”

Devika Das

(Teacher at Vidyaprasar Vidyamandir)

“It is very good to have a helper near you while you learn something and Multibhashi does exactly that.”


1. Can I improve my English speaking skills by learning through Skype?

Yes, you can. It is definitely more effective than going to a classroom filled with 15-20 students to learn English. You are given extra attention as it is a one to one session. This helps you learn better compared to the traditional learning methods.

2. How much time will I take?

It depends on your current level of English knowledge. For a person with a basic understanding of the language, it is going to take lesser time. Since you are learning English through phone, we ensure faster learning.

3. Why should I use Multibhashi?

– All the audio recordings are by native speakers keeping in mind the Indian audience to make the pronunciation easy for the learner.
– Get personalized classes with our experts that will enhance your learning experience.
– Learn through fun games instead of having to go through boring books
– Bite-sized lessons perfect for everyday life, work and travel.

4. How many languages do Multibhashi teach through Skype call?

Multibhashi helps you learn 5 languages as of now. They are English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. The courses offered are Learn English from Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. The regional language courses are Learn Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu from English. You can learn all these courses through Skype.