manita Màn ní tǎ

Màn ní tǎ

manita = Màn ní tǎ

Pronunciation =  manita

Pronunciation in Chinese = 曼尼塔

manita in Chinese: Màn ní tǎ

Part of speechNoun 

Definition in English: Manita is a word used to describe a girlfriend or a potential girlfriend in Turkish. In some cases it’s just a beautiful woman. 

Definition in Chinese: 曼尼塔语(Manita)是用来形容土耳其语中的女友或潜在女友的词。 在某些情况下,它只是一个美丽的女人。

Examples in English:

  • They’re trying to set me up with someone but I already have a manita.

Examples in Chinese:

  • 他们正试图让我和某人建立关系,但我已经有一个疯子了。

Synonyms of manita

Synonyms in Chinese 女朋友
Synonyms in English Girlfriend

Antonyms of manita

Antonyms in Chinese 男朋友
Antonyms in English Boyfriend

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