mystery Shénmì


mystery = Shénmì

Pronunciation =  mystery

Pronunciation in Chinese = 神秘

mystery in Chinese: Shénmì

Part of speechnoun

Definition in English: Noun: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
Adjective: A kind of secret religious celebration, to which none were admitted except those who had been initiated by certain preparatory ceremonies; — usually plural; as, the Eleusinian mysteries. 

Definition in Chinese: 名词:难以理解且无法解释的事物
形容词:一种秘密的宗教庆典,除了那些由某些筹备仪式发起的庆典以外,没有其他宗教庆典; -通常为复数; 例如,伊路西尼的奥秘。

Examples in English:

  • Let’s solve a mystery together

Examples in Chinese:

  • 让我们一起解决一个谜

Synonyms of mystery

Synonyms in Chinese 神秘,秘密,谜语
Synonyms in English mystery, secret, riddle

Antonyms of mystery

Antonyms in Chinese 清晰度,解决方案,已知
Antonyms in English clarity, solution, known

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