No iie


No = iie

Pronunciation =  No

Pronunciation in Japanese = いいえ

No in Japanese: iie

Part of speechAdverb 

Definition in English: used while expressing denial, refusal, disagreement, disapproval, disbelief, or used to acknowledge negative statements  

Definition in Japanese: 否定、拒否、不一致、不承認、不信を表明する際に使用される、または否定的な発言を認めるために使用される

Examples in English:

  • Would you like some more? – No thank you.

Examples in Japanese:

  • もう少しいかがですか? – いいえ、結構です

Synonyms of No

Synonyms in Japanese いいえ,
Synonyms in English not, nope, not really, of course not, never

Antonyms of No

Antonyms in Japanese はい,
Antonyms in English yes, of course, certainly

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