pronunciation Fāyīn


pronunciation = Fāyīn

Pronunciation =  pronunciation

Pronunciation in Chinese = 发音

pronunciation in Chinese: Fāyīn

Part of speechNoun 

Definition in English: The act of uttering with articulation; the act of giving the proper sound and accent; utterance; as, the pronunciation of syllables of words; distinct or indistinct pronunciation. 

Definition in Chinese: 说话的话;说话的话;说话的话 发出适当声音和口音的行为; 发声; as,单词音节的发音; 发音不同或含混不清。

Examples in English:

  • Tom doesn’t think Mary’s French pronunciation is very good

Examples in Chinese:

  • 汤姆认为玛丽的法语发音不是很好

Synonyms of pronunciation

Synonyms in Chinese 口头表达,口语, 口音,语音,话语,发音
Synonyms in English articulation elocution, diction, accent, speech, utterance, pronounce

Antonyms of pronunciation

Antonyms in Chinese 书面声明
Antonyms in English written statement

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