scintigraphy Shǎnshuò sǎomiáo

Shǎnshuò sǎomiáo

scintigraphy = Shǎnshuò sǎomiáo

Pronunciation =  scintigraphy

Pronunciation in Chinese = 闪烁扫描

scintigraphy in Chinese: Shǎnshuò sǎomiáo

Part of speechNoun 

Definition in English: a technique in which a scintillation counter or similar detector is used with a radioactive tracer to obtain an image of a bodily organ or a record of its functioning. 

Definition in Chinese: 一种将闪烁计数器或类似探测器与放射性示踪剂一起使用以获得身体器官的图像或其功能记录的技术。

Examples in English:

  • Two patients were also examined with MR imaging and labeled red cell scintigraphy.

Examples in Chinese:

  • 两名患者还接受了 MR 成像和标记红细胞闪烁扫描检查。

Synonyms of scintigraphy

Synonyms in Chinese 超声检查
Synonyms in English ultrasonography

Antonyms of scintigraphy

Antonyms in Chinese NA
Antonyms in English NA

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