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songhai Sāng hǎi

Sāng hǎi

songhai = Sāng hǎi

Pronunciation =  songhai

Pronunciation in Chinese = 桑海

songhai in Chinese: Sāng hǎi

Part of speech Noun

Definition in English : a member of a people of West Africa living mainly in Niger and Mali.

the Nilo-Saharan language of the Songhai, with about 2 million speakers.

relating to the Songhai or their language. 

Definition in Chinese : 主要居住在尼日尔和马里的西非民族的一员。

桑海语的尼罗-撒哈拉语,约有 200 万使用者。


Examples in English :

  • I could hardly speak Songhai anymore.

Examples in Chinese :

  • 我几乎不能再说桑海语了。

Synonyms of songhai

Synonyms in Chinese 尼罗-撒哈拉
Synonyms in English Nilo-Saharan
Nilo-Saharan language

Antonyms of songhai

Antonyms in Chinese NA
Antonyms in English NA

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