TORFL Exam India 2022, Dates, Centres

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Russian is considered to be an important European language and an extremely influential part of the East Slavic languages. It is part of the Indo-European language family. It is also the official language of Belarus, Russian and Kazakhstan. With that said, it is also pretty commonly utilised across Central Asia, Ukraine and the Caucasus. This is also the most wide-spread language all across Eurasia. 

Considered to be one of the most influential languages in the world, this language has had an extremely great impact on the global market and hence, is also one of the most important languages sought after by many different corporations. With that said, for an individual to prove their fluency in the language, they must produce a certificate of proficiency. Such a certificate can be procured through the exam of TORFL.

Let’s now understand what TORFL Test is all about.

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Test of Russian as a Foreign Language or TORFL is the globalized and standardized official Russian examination meant for the non native Russian speakers. It strictly follows the CEFRL guidelines and adheres to the same even in their exam pattern. Furthermore, it is conducted by thirteen different authorised institutes under the supervision of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. This certification is officially awarded by the Russian government institutions and is greatly renowned all around the globe. The certification is valid forever.

What is the TORFL system? And how does it work? Let's see!

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Similar to that of CEFRL, there are a total of six levels. With that said, certification is only provided from the B1 level. In fact, the exam is conducted two days in a row as both the days assess different aspects. Firstly, your reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar will be assessed and then your speaking and listening. All five of these categories carry a weightage of 20%. With that said, you MUST get at least 66% in each, failing which you will lose your certification.

The Russian Ministry of Education and Science administers the TORFL test, that was first established in 1992. The exam is held at universities throughout Russia and Europe.

TORFL is a part of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) and is recognized globally to serve as an attestation of a student’s knowledge and linguistic skills in Russian Language. At the moment, the TORFL consists of six proficiency levels of that correspond to the CEFR (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with each level consisting of the following five sections that test a learner’s linguistic skills..

While Section 1 tests a student’s vocabulary and grammar, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4 tests abilities and knowledge in reading, writing, listening respectively. The last section, Section 5 tests the speaking proficiency and fluency in the Russian language.

To clear TORFL, learner must secure  at least a 66 percent in each section to be awarded a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. TORFL certification is valid in Universities and Organizations across countries it has centers in!

To apply to Russian Universities, TORFL-I/B1 and TORFL-HI/B2 are recommended.

For professions TORFL III/ C1 is recommended while for TTORFL-N/ C2 is enough for research.

Where and when are they conducted?

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The examination is held in multiple different centers across the globe including Italy, Japan, Argentina, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Siberia, etc. With that said, Langma School of Language is the only TORFL test centre in India, authorized by Herzen State Pedagogical University. . 

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The TORFL examination is conducted over two days with the first day testing skills in grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading and the second day is reserved for speaking and writing. Every year, the test is usually held during the second week of March. The certificates are issued in 10 days after the results are declared.

Currently there are no dates for TORFL Examinations in 2022. Learners are requested to keep checking the website for more information

Registration Process

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Students aspiring to give TORFL must register with the selected testing center, and selecting the level they wish to undertake. While application forms are available at the testing centers, they can also be requested over mail or by phone. Students are also recommended to look through the website: , before undertaking TORFL

The registration requires one to fill out the application form and return it as per the due date with payment, and requisite documents as mentioned in the application form. The fee varies according to the target level and examination center and must be paid in person at the center.

Exam Fee

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The TORFL test fee is totally based on the level and the authorized University. However it ranges anywhere between Rs. 6000 – Rs.8000.

How to learn for TORFL Exams?

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Ultimately, TORFL is a way to get a professional certification in Japanese proficiency..

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