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Learn English from Gujarati in 30 days, just 10 minutes a day with our interactive lessons. Whether you are a beginner starting with the basics or looking to improve your language, Multibhashi is the best app to learn English online

About the English Language

English was originally the language of England, the birthplace of Shakespeare. But, now it has become the primary or secondary language of many countries including India. English is the common foreign language. This means if two people who come from different nations use English as the common language for communication. Facts say that 1.5 billion people speak English – that’s approximately about 20% of the whole population and 125 million people in India speaks English. Thus, English is an extremely useful language one must know.


Why learning English is Important?

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English is the most commonly used language in the world. The answer to why one should learn English lies within this statement. Fast-growing states like Karnataka, especially in terms of the IT sector, you cannot shy away from the need to learn English. Gujarat has a large number of floating population and English is widely being used as the common language. Start using the Multibhashi app to learn English from Gujarati. Perfect your English pronunciations and gain command over the language.


How can Multibhashi help you in learning English through Gujarati?

You can use Multibhashi to learn English from Gujarati with just a little effort and concentration.This course will help you understand, learn and use English sentences in your daily life.

Here, you can use our resources and with the help of Gujarati language, you can mug up these sentences and easily learn English. Try to speak a little bit of English along with Gujarati first, then gradually increase using English more frequently than Gujarati. After this, try to stop speaking Gujarati and start speaking English fully after you feel confident in speaking these sentences in English. In between, you should note down the words for which you are not able to find the right English word and then try translating those words. You can refer to the grammar page in our website and learn every base rules and frame sentences easily following them.

You can download Multibhashi app to learn English as well as many other languages. Click the link below to download the app from Playstore

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