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Learn Active & Passive Voice

In English, a sentence can either be said in Active voice or Passive voice. Active and Passive are…


5 Small changes to Learn English Faster

Learning English requires a lot of practice but not necessarily always in a classroom. There are a number of activities...

Grammatical mistakes to avoid

3 Grammatical mistakes you should avoid

It is amusing to see/hear others making grammatical mistakes in their writing...

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Books To Learn English


English Conversation

Books to learn Hindi from English

Being in India, learning to speak Hindi is very important. It definitely is the most widely used language in the country.Use our resources to learn Hindi from English. Here is a list of books that will help you learn Hindi effectively. Make use of these books to improve your English speaking skills.

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Books to learn English from Hindi

Learn English through your native language. Multibhashi offers you options wherein you can learn English using your mother tongue. Here is a golden chance to learn English from Hindi. Making use of these books will see to it that your English vocabulary also improves in the longer run.

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Learning grammar is very important as one cannot construct sentences without knowing the proper usage of grammar. There are free online practice tests, audio sessions and so on within the app which will help you improve your conversation skills.

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English Conversations

Good English communication skills are widely sought after today. Hence learning to speak good English will do you a world of good. Multibhashi offers you many tips on how to enhance your English conversation skills. There are many dos and donts when it comes to conversing effectively in English .

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Learn Kannada Numbers

There is a need to perfect the basics of a language. Numbers are something that we use on a daily basis while speaking with others. Learn numbers in different languages using Multibhashi. The pronunciations of these numbers are also available on the page.To give you an idea of how it works, visit our page which helps you learn numbers in Kannada.

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Learn Hindi

Alphabets, being the building blocks of every language, is the first step towards learning any language. The Hindi alphabets are known as “varnamala” which is further classified into “swar” and “vyanjan” which are explained on the Multibhashi website. To start with, let us take a look at the Hindi alphabets and how they are used.

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English - Hindi Dictionary

Multbhashi has a dictionary with translations from English to the regional language and vice versa. Use this dictionary to learn specific word meanings that you are unaware of. Be surprised to see the words that you never imagined to have a direct Hindi meaning or translation.Take a look at our English to Hindi dictionary to have a better idea.

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English - Kannada Dictionary

Use the Englsih to Kannada dictionary to learn word meanings of several sophisticated words in English. Learn these English words and understand their meaning so as to improve your English Vocabulary. Happy learning with this English-Kannada dictionary.

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