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We have chosen 10 best books to learn German. The selection is made on the basis of whether the book covers all the basic or not; explains them in simple language or not; uses audios and visuals for learning or not; includes quizzes or not.

You will find learning and practice German from these books a lot of fun.

1. Netzwerk A1 Textbook + Workbook + Glossar + Intensivtrainer with 2 CDs (4 Book Set)

A set of 4 books that comprises of grammar, vocabulary and speaking materials for preparation of Goethe examination. Inludes 2 CDs for learning in an interactive way.

Level: A1

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2. German For Dummies, (with CD) 2nd Edition

This book provides an easy way to learn the captivating language of German with mixed audio clips.


This book provides for the total beginner, advances you to basic grammar, and upgrading your conversation. It includes combined audio clips for you to listen to and absorb pronunciations in real-life communications.

Fun and comfort your way into German fluency, through phonetic spellings, following expressions, and vocabulary that increases your German pronunciation than you could imagine.


3. Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent 2nd Edition

Why buy a book that solely teaches basic entry-level German grammar when you can learn the German language with this whole book?

One book says it all!


Speak German in 90 Days is a thorough self-study guide, and prepares learners the equivalent of two years of college-level German course. It includes pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary nua,nces, and idiomatic expressions.

Does it valuable? It can also be practiced by average students to brush up on grammar structure, and vocabulary words.

Make your language learning to the extent.


4.2000 Most Common German Words in Context

Are you looking for a way to learn the language quicker without taking shortcuts?

If you answered “Yes!” to at least one of those previous questions, then this book is for you! We’ve compiled the 2000 Most Common Words in German, a list of terms that will expand your vocabulary to levels previously unseen.


5. German Demystified: A Self Teaching Guide 1st Edition

Take the angst out of learning German

Interested in learning to speak German but can’t tell the difference between a strudel and a schnauzer? No need to feel intimidated! With German Demystified you’ll develop language skills so quickly you’ll pass for a wunderkind.

Simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for a more advanced student, German Demystified is your shortcut to mastering this complex language.

German Demysitified

6. Living Language German, Complete Edition

Complete German is a unique multimedia program that takes you from beginner to advanced level in one convenient package.

At the core of Complete German is the Living Language Method™, based on linguistic science, proven techniques, and over 65 years of experience. Our method teaches you the whole language, so you can express yourself, not just recite memorized words or scripts

Level: A1

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living german

7. German Made Simple: Learn to speak and understand German quickly and easily

Learning German Has Never Been Easier! Whether you are studying the language in school, planning a trip to Germany or Austria, or trying to learn the basics of the language closest to English, German Made Simple is the perfect book for any self-learner. Void of all nonessentials and refreshingly easy to understand

Level: A1

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German language

8. Halo Deutsch

Hallo Deutsch

A well-structured book that has situations, pictures, and information that makes learning fun and easy. The book is based on the CBSE syllabus and guidelines in India. The book has been adapted by the Goethe-Institut from the textbook “Wir”, published by Klett, Germany.

Level: A1

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9. German Easy Reader: Super 500

This easy reader is based on the 500 most common words in German. Knowing these will enable you to understand 80% of average German texts.
The original German text is side by side with an English translation.
All new words are introduced with an English translation in the text.
Numerous pictures illustrate new words.
Many verb tables show you how to conjugate new verbs correctly.

Level: A1

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10. Lets learn: German Picture Dictionary

A colourful picture dictionary best suitable for the young learners. Helps kids learn new vocabulary easily.

Level: A1

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