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We have chosen 10 best books to learn Japanese. The selection is made on the basis of whether the book covers all the basic or not; explains them in simple language or not; uses audios and visuals for learning or not; includes quizzes or not.

1.Japanese Kanji for Beginners: (JLPT Levels N5 & N4) First Steps to Learn the Basic Japanese Characters (Includes CD-Rom)

This book deals extensively with Japanese grammar and offers enough study material to master the language. The book is prepared for learners who have just begun their journey in Japanese language and therefore it uses lucid language which is easy to understand. There are detailed notes along with numerous examples that enhance student’s experience of learning. Thus, this book is an ideal reference guide for students who are looking for a tool to help them in self-study for Japanese language.

Level: N5

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2.Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book Volume 1: (JLPT Level N5 & AP Exam) The Quick and Easy Way to Learn the Basic Japanese Kanji

The quick and easy way to learn the basic Japanese kanji!

Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book is intended for beginning students or experienced speakers who need to practice their written Japanese. Kanji are an essential part of the Japanese language and together with kana (hiragana and katakana) comprise written Japanese.

This book presents the most commonly used kanji characters. All the kanji and related vocabulary words in this book are those that students are expected to know for Level 5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. (JLPT). Characters that appear in the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam are flagged. Readings, meanings, and common compounds are presented. The correct method of writing each character is indicated and practice boxes with strokes that can be traced are provided, along with empty boxes for freehand writing practice.

Lots of exercises are included to give students the opportunity to practice writing sentences containing the Kanji. Indexes at the back allow you to look up the characters by their readings and English meanings.

This kanji book includes:

  • Step-by-step stroke order diagrams for each character.
  • Individual boxes with grid lines to practice writing characters.
  • Extra printable practice grids
  • Words and phrases using each kanji.
  • Romanizations (romanji) to help identify and pronounce every word.

Level: N5

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3. Nihongo no Hon: Yellow: Complete Japanese Grammar Guide for Beginners (JLPT N5 Level – Beginner/Elementary Japanese)

“Buy it once. Be happy forever”

Are you tired of your Japanese being basic?

This book will give you all the important information that you need to have more advanced conversations in Japanese. The grammar covered in this book is JLPT N5 level (Beginner/Elementary : CEFR A1). This is the book you need to bring your Japanese to the next level.

Here are our promises to you

1. Learn Japanese grammar through a plenty of practical example sentences.
– it’s a lot easier to understand grammar if you see it in actual sentences
– you can easily make your own sentences by using ours as a template

2. Learn Japanese through real conversations.
– conversation is a 2-way street. only example sentences don’t give you enough information
– stay away from those awkward “textbook” conversations that won’t do you any good
– work on our examples so you can incorporate the new sentence structures into your own conversations

3. Learn the verb conjugation patterns with cheat sheets.
– the verb conjugation patterns are hard if you don’t have the right resources
– with out comprehensive cheat sheets, you can always have a reliable resource that you can fall back on

Having taught Japanese my whole life, I, Yuki Mano, put everything into this book and our learning platform. I wrote this book based on my working experiences as a Japanese teacher and the feedback from my previous and current students.

The book will be updated on a regular basis with your feedback, and when it happens, you don’t need to do a thing. No extra charges, but you’ll always get the latest version. We will never get you stuck with the older version and ask you to keep buying things.

Send us a message if there’s anything that you are not sure about, so we can work on it for our next update.

If you are interested in learning Japanese, get this book today, and experience the difference.

The moment you start speaking Japanese, Japanese people will open up to you a lot faster, and the whole experience in Japan will be much more personal and enjoyable to you.

If you want to make a difference, join us, talk to us, and evolve with us.

We will build a whole new way of learning Japanese together.

Level: N5

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4. Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N4: Master the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4: 1

Included are over 1,200 MP3s of each Vocabulary and Example Sentence. There are also individual chapter list MP3s which combine the Japanese vocabulary word, the example sentence, and then the English translation. We put these MP3s together so you can listen while driving, while walking the dog, or while going through the book.The FREE download link is found on the last page.Taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a great way to not only assess your Japanese skills, but also to give yourself a concrete goal for your learning. I am a firm believer in setting goals. It is the quickest way to make progress.Unfortunately, with goal-setting, there is usually the problem of maintaining motivation. By paying money and making plans to sit in a test (usually) in a different city; however, you are making a major investment of time and money. There are few pressures in life that can motivate better than time or money. That’s why we always recommend any serious student of Japanese to sign up and study for the JLPT.Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N4 covers all the vocabulary needed to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N4. This is the easiest of the test levels and is suitable for beginners who have mastered hiragana.Add the 1,200+ MP3s to your MP3 player, iPhone, or computer and listen while studying the book. Compilation MP3 files of each chapter’s list are also included. These have each word followed by the example sentence for sequential learning.

Level: N4

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5. JLPT Listening N4 (New Complete Master Series The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N4) Listening Comprehension With CD

It is a comprehensive guide to use Japanese for effective verbal communication. It is not necessary that good reading and writing skills can improve one’s spoken Japanese as well. There are many people who find it difficult to speak the language fluently even if their written Japanese is quite good. But with little determination, practice and patience, they can learn to speak Japanese confidently.

Level: N4

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6. JLPT N4 Grammar

The book is also abound with useful language tips. This edition also educates the need for correct body language, and it prescribes the dos and don’ts to be a good communicator. It also teaches how to apply the relevant idioms so that you can play with words while communicating. It emphasises the importance of non-verbal attitude and how it comes across to others.

Level: N4

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7. JLPT Kanji N4 (Chinese Characters)

JLPT Kanji N$ book’s Basic and Intermediate are revisions and expansions of the highly successful Good Grammar Book and How Japanese Works. The Advanced level is completely new, and includes grammar for reading, writing and speaking.

Level: N4

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8. JLPT Vocabulary N3

  • This book is ideal for students and those who want to develop their Japanese speaking skills.
  • Armed with this book, learners can learn to talk with poise and confidence. This book also improves public speaking skills.

Level: N3

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9. JLPT Listening N3 (Listening Comprehension) with CD 3A Corporation

The book is broadly divided into three sections. By way of simple techniques, the author has presented easy tips for improving one’s vocabulary and word skills. After having created awareness about the new words and their meaning, he then goes onto explain how to make their correct usage.

Level: N3

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10. JLPT Kanji N3

Basic English Grammar has been authored by Thomas Kurchever Arnold. The author  The book is certainly useful for not only the students but also teachers and the laypersons who want to learn the principles of Japanese Grammar.

Level: N3

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