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“The most important language in the world, the most widely spoken language across the globe and so on”. Yes, we are discussing the English language, which is the language of choice for millions of people from different backgrounds. This is the very reason why English is the most commonly used language all around the world. The English language has been a necessity for everyone. We even come across English alphabets and numbers on a daily basis, from places where we expect the least.

Many countries depend on the English language along with their mother tongues for daily activities. The English language is considered as the easiest medium compared to many other popular languages to communicate with people of different cultures. Even the emergence of technology in this modern era adds more demand to learn English. Its very evident that everything including smartphones, tablets to laptop computers use English the most.

You can make use of the following to learn English easily.


English Grammar is the basic set of rules to speak and write in English. We have a collection of different topics such as : NounsPronounsVerbsAdjectivesAdverbs

English Conversation

Conversation is the process of exchange of ideas, observations, opinions and feelings between two or more people, which spread knowledge and information among the various individuals. We have three sections for English conversation such as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

English Pronunciation

Pronunciation shows the standard accent of English which should be used while speaking. We have some easy tips to improve English Pronunciation.


This is a collection of words and phrases that exist in any language which is used for communication. This is very important for effective reading and writing skills for all languages. You can refer Englishalphabetsnumbersfrom this category.

English Word Meanings

We have a collection of commonly used words starting from A to Z including its meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms, and antonyms in various languages such asHindiKannadaTelugu

Books to learn English

We have selected great books for you, which is easy and effective to learn English. You can select books to learn English from various languages such asHindiKannadaBanglaTamilTelugu

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