English Vocabulary is all about words. It is basically a special set of words that one tries to learn. Vocabulary is very important for effective reading and writing skills in any language, not only English. It is an interesting fact that students have to see, read and keep in line with words around 5-7 times prior to remembering them – research studies proves that. It is good to understand to know about some of the words which are related to vocabulary such as: context (parts of a word that comes prior or after a specific word which influences its meaning), diction (style of communication including speaking or writing based upon the choice of words), dictionary (collection of words of a language arranged in alphabetical order providing the meaning).

Some Basic English Vocabulary to give you an idea. Let us see what the gender, the young and the group names of different animals are:


Name Male Female Young Group Name
BADGER Boar Sow Cub or Kit Colony


Stag Doe Fawn Herd


Dog-fox / Reynard She-fox / Vixen Cub Skulk


Buck Doe Pup Nest


Buck Doe Kit / Bunny Colony


Cock Hen Squab Cote


Gander Goose Gosling


Owl Jenny Owlet Parliament


Cob Pen Signet Bevy

Need of a strong vocabulary

It should be noted that even if you are strong in pronunciation and grammar, in the absence of proper vocabulary, your communication will still be deficient. Children who have a strong foundation in vocabulary are able to think more deeply and express themselves better and they can learn many new things easily. They will be successful in their reading at a level above their grade right through their school. Thus, in a nutshell, knowing the proper keywords can help you to have a quick and effective communication so that others can easily understand what you are trying to say.

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