People having conversation

Conversation is the process of exchange of ideas, observations, opinions and feelings between two or more people.Conversation spreads knowledge and information among the individuals in a community. You can use multibhashi to improve your English conversation skills with free online practices sessions, tests & audiovisual content, audio files, pdf, books & examples.

It is rightly said that conversation is the basic foundation of every human relationship.

Multibhashi helps you in learning how to converse effectively and efficiently to make your lives better.

We have three sections for English conversation course such as:


cycle for beginner

  • Basic Introduction

  • Greetings

  • Asking Simple Questions

      • Asking and telling address

      • Talking on the telephone

      • Visiting a doctor

          • Classroom

          • Writing a letter/email

          • Taking a taxi

              • Breakdown

              • At a Cinema hall

              • Attending a party

                  • Ordering at a restaurant

                  • Shopping

                  • Eating together


                  cycle for intermediate riders
                  • Meeting someone new

                  • Asking for permission

                  • Introducing your family

                      • Apologizing

                      • Describing a place

                      • Likes and dislikes

                          • Describing your school

                          • Making new friends

                          • Shopping for clothes

                              • At the supermarket

                              • Invitations

                              • Responding to an invitation

                                  • Making an appointment

                                  • At the Doctor’s Clinic

                                  • Applying for a job


                                  motor cycle for advanced riders

                                  • Family

                                  • Counting from 1 to 10

                                  • You and Me

                                      • One word questions

                                      • Colours

                                      • Counting from 10 to 100

                                          • Days of the week

                                          • Months in a year

                                          • Shapes

                                              • Parts of the Body

                                              • Telling time Using a watch

                                              • Meals of the day

                                                  • Daily routine

                                                  • Seasons and weather

                                                  • Using a calendar

                                                  Tips To Practice English Conversation Every Day


                                                  Have you ever wondered why you are so fluent in your mother tongue? The reason is very simple: You speak and hear that language very often. This fact shows you the need to converse in English every day. Thus, the best way to improve your spoken English is to speak it as frequently as you can. Let’s see the tips to practice English Conversation every day.

                                                  Use your favourite technology

                                                  Technology helps in doing things more efficiently. Making use of the latest technologies will help us to accelerate the learning practice. Some of the basic and simple day to day practices can give you a better output. This includes:

                                                  • Using Google voice typing
                                                  • Practicing with online conversation exchange partner
                                                  • Using record and voice messages in WhatsApp or other chat apps that you are using

                                                  Participating in online verbal communities

                                                  Verbal communities are nothing but a cluster of chat groups. Here, the people can select their groups based on their desired language and interests. You can use this as a platform to converse with a number of speakers, including beginners and experts. These people will always help you correct your mistakes, thus helping you learn from your mistakes. This will help you to increase your English Conversation skills.

                                                  Download dictionary and language learning apps

                                                  Dictionary apps are very useful tools which helps you in understanding which word to use in a sentence. You can use Multibhashi-app which is one of the best mobile application for learning English with fun. Have them ready for your mobile devices.This helps you to increase your skills in English conversation will less effort.

                                                  Try to narrate your day

                                                  You can even practice speaking English by speaking to yourself about everything that happens in your daily life. You will definitely find this fun and effective as you will come across tons of basic things you do on a daily basis. Here, you will learn basic words which need to be used daily while conversing with others.

                                                  • Start using pocket dictionaries or mobile dictionary apps
                                                  • Form a group of your friends to speak English regularly
                                                  • Start reading English books
                                                  • Start watching English movies and news
                                                  • Record your own voice and listen how you speak English
                                                  • Ask for advice and learn

                                                  All of the above tips will help you to increase your skills in English conversation with minium effort.