adhesive Setchaku-zai


adhesive = Setchaku-zai

Pronunciation =  adhesive

Pronunciation in Japanese = 接着剤

adhesive in Japanese: Setchaku-zai

Part of speechadjective

Definition in English: adjective: Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.

noun: a substance that unites or bonds surfaces together 

Definition in Japanese: 形容詞:スティッキー; もち米として粘り強い。


Examples in English:

  • I glued the mirror in with a strong adhesive.

Examples in Japanese:

  • ミラーを強力な接着剤で接着しました。

Synonyms of adhesive

Synonyms in Japanese グミ、粘着性、ペースト状
Synonyms in English gummy, sticky, pasty

Antonyms of adhesive

Antonyms in Japanese 緩い、開いた、分離した
Antonyms in English loose, open, separated

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