barbarian Yěmán rén

Yěmán rén

barbarian = Yěmán rén

Pronunciation =  barbarian

Pronunciation in Chinese = 野蛮人

barbarian in Chinese: Yěmán rén

Part of speechNoun 

Definition in English: a group of uncivilized and voilent people of ancient times not belonging to Greek, Roman, Christian group or culture 

Definition in Chinese: 古代不属于希腊、罗马、基督教团体或文化的一群未开化和暴力的人

Examples in English:

  • Do you think these barbarians will help us?

Examples in Chinese:

  • 你认为这些野蛮人会帮助我们吗?

Synonyms of barbarian

Synonyms in Chinese 没受过教育,
Synonyms in English primitive, uneducated, uncivilized

Antonyms of barbarian

Antonyms in Chinese 受过教育,
Antonyms in English sophisticated, educated, civilized

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