classic Jīngdiǎn de

Jīngdiǎn de

classic = Jīngdiǎn de

Pronunciation =  classic

Pronunciation in Chinese = 经典的

classic in Chinese: Jīngdiǎn de

Part of speechNoun


Definition in English: adjective: of recognized authority or excellence

Noun: A work of acknowledged excellence and authority or its author; — originally used of Greek and Latin works or authors, but now applied to authors and works of a like character in any language. 

Definition in Chinese: 形容词:公认的权威或卓越的

名词:公认的卓越和权威的作品或其作者; -最初用于希腊和拉丁作品或作者,但现在适用于任何语言的作者和具有类似性格的作品。

Examples in English:

  • It’s a classic tale of unrequited love

Examples in Chinese:

  • 这是一个单相思的经典故事

Synonyms of classic

Synonyms in Chinese 古典,复古,优质,上乘
Synonyms in English classical, vintage, prime, superior

Antonyms of classic

Antonyms in Chinese 下等,普通
Antonyms in English inferior, mediocre, ordinary

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