convection Duìliú


convection = Duìliú

Pronunciation =  convection

Pronunciation in Chinese = 對流

convection in Chinese: Duìliú

Part of speechNoun 

Definition in English: the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise, and colder, denser material to sink under the influence of gravity, which consequently results in transfer of heat. 

Definition in Chinese: 流體在內部的運動是由於在重力的影響下,溫度升高,因而密度較小的材料上升,而密度較低的材料在重力的影響下沉陷的,這導致了熱量的傳遞。

Examples in English:

  • Warm air rises by the process of convection.

Examples in Chinese:

  • 對流過程使暖空氣上升。

Synonyms of convection

Synonyms in Chinese 傳播
Synonyms in English deportation, removal, relocation, transmission

Antonyms of convection

Antonyms in Chinese 停滯
Antonyms in English stagnation, hold, keeping

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