Why do you need a Structured Language Speaking Course?

Learning to speak a new language is a daunting task and every language has a vast set of vocabulary and grammar rules. It is easy to lose your way and give up very soon. This is the reason why you need a smaller set of clear goals which are achievable in a realistic time frame and is also relevant to your purpose of learning that language. You need a structured course to:
  • Learn the basics first and the advanced stuff later
  • Stay motivated during the entire journey
  • Practise enough to retain what you learn
  • Apply the knowledge gained in the real world

What are the Characteristics of  an Ideal Language Speaking Course?

While we understand that there is a clear need of a well structured course with high quality content to be able to learn how to speak in a language quickly, we have to define what traits will help us evaluate whether a given course is ideal or not. Following are a few basic characteristics:
  • Clear path from beginning to end
  • Variety of exercises to practise
  • Spaced repetition of practice sessions
  • Measurement and recording of progress

Multibhashi Language Speaking Course

Multibhashi offers language learning and speaking courses through an Android app and a web app which offer the following features
  • Bite Sized Lessons: All the content in every language speaking course by Multibhashi is broken down in digestible chunks so that the learner can fully grasp it and also retain it well enough. Long lessons are not only boring but also hard to remember.
  • Fun Practice Sessions: In order to spice up the practice sessions, Multibhashi app exposes the user to a number of ways in which the content can be internalised through practice. Whatever small chunk a user learns is then reinforced in multiple different ways like 
    • Reading exercises
    • Writing exercises
    • Listening exercises
    • Speaking exercises
    • Games
  • Audio Visual Content: Instead of boring text, Multibhashi app helps you learn how to speak a language by constantly listening to content in your target language and see compelling images related to your new vocabulary which helps make a connection and retain the new knowledge better. 
  • Videos: Multibhashi language speaking course makes a rich use of explanatory videos on various different concepts of a language. These short videos in the form of stories give exposure and immersion which is a much needed exercise while learning to speak a new language.
  • One to One sessions with Experts: No language speaking course is complete without role playing practice with an actual human being because this give you enough confidence to step out in the real world and start talking to real people in the target language. For this purpose, we have a feature on Multibhashi android app and web app where you can book sessions with a language expert and interact with her on call/chat.

Languages for Multibhashi Language Speaking Course

Multibhashi teaches various languages on one platform and you will find courses to master reading, writing, listening and speaking in the following languages:
  • English Speaking Course: Learn how to read, write, listen and speak in English with a powerful course. All important basics of vocabulary, grammar and conversations are available along with an interesting path inside the product. You will see an imporvement in your English speaking capabilities in a matter of just a few weeks.
  • Hindi Speaking Course: We break the Hindi learning process in two major sections  
    • listening and speaking skills where the learner is not overburdened by exposing him to an entirely new script and focus remains on how to speak Hindi fluently.
    • reading and writing which supplements the needs of the users who also want to become a pro when it comes to read or write Hindi
  • Bangla Speaking Course: The user is exposed to so many Bangla audios recorded by native speakers and images depicting new Bangla words being taught that Bangla learning becomes more like a movie watching experience. Bangla script learning modules are also included for the enthusiasts who want go one step beyond just listening and speaking in Bangla.
  • Tamil Speaking Course: Learning Tamil, one of the oldest languages of the world, is a matter of great pride for a novice language learner and we provide best possible features and support tools to make this task easier. Learn how to read, write, listen and speak in Tamil in just a matter of a few weeks with our course designed by experts.
  • Telugu Speaking Course: When travelling to a Telugu speaking region, the knowledge of how to speak in Telugu can prove to be invaluable and this is why we have developed a Telugu speaking course which allows the user to acquire the most commonly used vocabulary and grammar rules in Telugu in the fastest possible way.
  • Kannada Speaking Course: If you want to learn how to speak in Kannada, you need to surround yourself with as many experiences of listening and speaking in Kannada as possible. Keeping this mind, our Kannada learning course is rich with a number of videos and audios recorded by native Kannada speakers.