culo Kù luò

Kù luò

culo = Kù luò

Pronunciation =  culo

Pronunciation in Chinese = 库洛

culo in Chinese: Kù luò

Part of speechNoun 

Definition in English: Culo, in Italian and Spanish, means the buttocks, ass, or the anus (and in Gujarati, kulo or kullo means the same); though the augmentative form culote means the cartridge’s centerfire primer, or clothing worn on the lower half of the body: culotte. The term culo may also refer to: Čulo, a Croatian surname. 

Definition in Chinese: 库洛语用意大利语和西班牙语表示臀部,屁股或肛门(在古吉拉特语中,kulo或kullo表示相同); 尽管增补式裙裤是指弹药筒的中央引火物,或穿在下半身的衣服:裙裤。 术语culo也可以指代:Čulo,克罗地亚语的姓氏。

Examples in English:

  • It’s like you have a culo on your face

Examples in Chinese:

  • 就像你的脸上有个小伙子

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