decile Shífēn wèi shù

Shífēn wèi shù

decile = Shífēn wèi shù

Pronunciation =  decile

Pronunciation in Chinese = 十分位数

decile in Chinese: Shífēn wèi shù

Part of speechnoun 

Definition in English: (statistics) any of nine points that divided a distribution of ranked scores into equal intervals where each interval contains one-tenth of the scores 

Definition in Chinese: (统计)将排名分数的分布划分为相等间隔的九个点中的任何一个,其中每个间隔包含十分之一的分数

Examples in English:

  • Percentile ratio of the 9th and the 1st decile cut-offs

Examples in Chinese:

  • 第 9 和第 1 十分位数截止值的百分位数比

Synonyms of decile

Synonyms in Chinese 十分之一
Synonyms in English a tenth part

Antonyms of decile

Antonyms in Chinese NA
Antonyms in English NA

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