fill füllen


fill = füllen

Pronunciation =  fill

Pronunciation in German = füllen

fill in German: füllen

Part of speechverb

Definition in English: cause (a space or container) to become full or almost full.
an amount of something which is as much as one wants or can bear 

Definition in German: bewirken, dass (ein Raum oder ein Behälter) voll oder fast voll wird.
eine Menge von etwas, das so viel ist, wie man will oder ertragen kann

Examples in English:

  • Please fill up the tank of car.

Examples in German:

  • Bitte füllen Sie den Tank auf.

Synonyms of fill

Synonyms in German ausfüllen,
Synonyms in English make/become full, fill up, fill to the brim, fill to overflowing, top up, charge, load (up), pack, enough, sufficient, plenty, ample, as much as necessary, all one wants, a sufficiency, an abundance, as much as one can take, more than enough

Antonyms of fill

Antonyms in German leeren,
sich leeren
Antonyms in English empty, unblock, open

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