foul Fànguī


foul = Fànguī

Pronunciation =  foul

Pronunciation in Chinese = 犯规

foul in Chinese: Fànguī

Part of speechadjective

Definition in English: offensive to the senses, especially through having a disgusting smell or taste or being dirty
(in sport) an unfair or invalid stroke or piece of play, especially one involving interference with an opponent
make foul or dirty; pollute 

Definition in Chinese: 冒犯感官,特别是具有令人恶心的气味或味道或肮脏的感觉
弄污或弄脏; 污染

Examples in English:

  • There was foul stench coming from the water clogged in the nearby drain.

Examples in Chinese:

  • 附近的排水沟堵塞了水,有恶臭味。

Synonyms of foul

Synonyms in Chinese 令人作呕的令人反感的
Synonyms in English disgusting, revolting, repellent

Antonyms of foul

Antonyms in Chinese 香,廉洁,天真
Antonyms in English fragrant, incorrupt, innocent

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