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We are Multibhashi, an ed-tech platform that conducts online learning sessions on various subjects, and mainly, for teaching languages effectively. All our courses are conducted online, without any student or an instructor having to travel for the purpose of learning or teaching.

Do you think the Arabic language is not preferred or highly demanded one?

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The Arabic language is found enthralling by language enthusiasts, philologists, archaeologists, etc. around the world. It has always been a subject of keen interest for individuals and students curious to know about the Arabic culture, history of Arab nations, and Arabic way of living. Its reach is far and wide. Arabic is widely spoken in 56 countries including all 22 Arab countries and 34 African and Far East nations. Universities and educational institutes in many parts of the world offer courses in the Arabic language.

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Arabic Language Proficiency Test

There is a standardized, internationally recognized test of proficiency in the Arabic language (ALPT) which is endorsed by the ICCI (Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry), which has 56 member countries, including all 22 Arab countries and 34 Asian and African countries. ALPT is further endorsed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia (MORA).


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We, at Multibhashi, facilitate Arabic language learning online for individuals who have immense interest in learning the language and also have some time to spare from their busy schedules. Our online language learning platform conducts the training by means of audio-visual online learning sessions. Our Arabic online courses allow students to interact personally with the instructor or our Arabic language expert online (in real-time) during the sessions and get the queries answered instantly. Pronunciations can be noted and improved, doubts can be asked, and finally, fluency can be achieved more quickly by learning through this medium than by the way of self-learning alone. In online classes for Arabic, all parameters of language learning such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension are attended to, and prepared for.

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Scope after learning Arabic

One can be a

  • Translator
  • Transcriber
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Website content developer
  • Professor
  • Proofreader,
  • Businessperson in Arab countries

Also, positions such as foreign diplomat for government foreign affairs, foreign delegate for a private company, and areas such as international trade, etc. are open to a connoisseur of the Arabic language.


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