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Are you looking for an excellent Online PORTUGUESE Learning course? 

Just worrying how one can learn a language online as perfectly as one can in a classroom environment? 

If your answer to both the questions above is ‘Yes’, give us a chance to clear all your doubts!

We are Multibhashi, an ed-tech platform that conducts online learning sessions on various subjects, and mainly, for teaching languages effectively. All our courses are conducted online, without any student or an instructor having to travel for the purpose of learning or teaching.

How we teach Portuguese

We, at Multibhashi, believe in teaching a language using a mixed model of innovative and time-tried methodologies such as grammar translation, direct or natural approach, communicative or interactive approach, etc.

Sessions are conducted via audio-visual online mode.

The benefit of real-time interaction between the instructor and the trainee is that a trainee can ask questions to the instructor right during the session, and get all the doubts cleared right then and there. Also, our regular pre-in-post session assignments help a student in self-assessment of progress.

We prepare our students on all the parameters of Portuguese learning such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing, which helps them clear globally recognized Portuguese Language proficiency tests with excellent scores which are a clear indication of their knowledge of the Portuguese Language.

 Below is a video to give you an idea about how foreign languages are effectively taught at Multibhashi.

Why learn Portuguese?

The Portuguese history, its culture, its beautiful landscapes, its far-and-wide reach around the globe, really nothing is short of praiseworthiness.

There is one more thing about Portugal that fascinates the people, especially the language enthusiasts and philologists worldwide. Its language, Portuguese!

Ever wondered if you could learn the Portuguese language easily and quickly?

Yes, indeed, it is possible! And that, too, from the comfort of your own house! How? By means of online Portuguese classes!

Edtech platforms today facilitate learning to students through the medium of online learning sessions. These sessions are generally in the form of audio-visual online classes. The first benefit of audio-visual online language learning classes is that it gives an almost physical classroom-like feel to both the student and the instructor. They can interact with each other face-to-face on screen, can ask questions and get answers to them right during the sessions.

We, at Multibhashi, pay attention to all the aspects of language learning and prepare a student on all parameters of language learning such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Scope after learning Portuguese

Spheres where you can land successfully with the help of Portuguese by your side

You can be a:

  •         Corporate trainer
  •         Portuguese language professor/instructor
  •         Translator
  •         Interpreter
  •         Content writer / developer
  •         Brand ambassador
  •         Foreign diplomat
  •         Cultural exchange programs manager/administrator
  •         Academic counselor
  •         Job at the Portuguese embassy

 Industries/sectors which open doors for you:

  •         Hospitality
  •         Travel and tourism
  •         MNCs
  •         BPOs, KPOs
  •         IT
  •         Import / export (international trade)
  •         Medicine
  •         Education
  •         Government
  •         Defense

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