malparido Mǎ’ěr pà lǐ duō

Mǎ’ěr pà lǐ duō

malparido = Mǎ’ěr pà lǐ duō

Pronunciation =  malparido

Pronunciation in Chinese = 马尔帕里多

malparido in Chinese: Mǎ’ěr pà lǐ duō

Part of speechAdjective 

Definition in English: In Spanish, Malparido is a very strong cuss word. Literally it means “bad birth” but it denotes someone who was born with deformities that make him/her ugly. 

Definition in Chinese: 在西班牙语中,马尔帕里多(Malparido)是一个非常强烈的习俗单词。 从字面上看,它的意思是“糟糕的出生”,但它表示出生时因畸形而使他/她丑陋的人。

Examples in English:

  • Nadie ha visto a la malparida.
    (Nobody’s seen the bitch.)

Examples in Chinese:

  • 纳迪(Nadie)看到了一个马尔帕里达

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