sorry Gomen’nasai


sorry = Gomen’nasai

Pronunciation =  sorry

Pronunciation in Japanese = ごめんなさい

sorry in Japanese: Gomen’nasai

Part of speechadjective  

Definition in English: feeling of regret or embarrassed about something done by you 

Definition in Japanese: あなたがしたことに対する後悔や恥ずかしさの感覚

Examples in English:

  • We were sorry that we had spent all our money.

Examples in Japanese:

  • すべてのお金を使い果たしてすみませんでした

Synonyms of sorry

Synonyms in Japanese 痛恨,
Synonyms in English sad

Antonyms of sorry

Antonyms in Japanese 嬉しい,
Antonyms in English glad

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