This privacy policy has been created by Multibhashi to educate you about the collection and use of your personal information along with the associated risks. We are committed towards the security of your privacy and this document further details our information practices.


When you use Multibhashi you provide us with two types of information: (i) information you submit via the Service and (ii) information regarding your use of the Service collected by us as you interact with the Service.

Multibhashi stores your IP address when you log in to the website or download the app. Also, your device ID and type are stored in case of app. We also use cookies for data collection. A cookie stores small bits of information stored by your browser which can be later used for providing customised services . Although you can disable cookies whenever you want through your browser settings, they are recommended to enjoy personalised services and a better learning experience.

Once inside the website or app, you are prompted to make an account and during this process we may collect your email address, name, phone number, address and other personal details.We may also ask you to share the OTP sent via SMS or a password or to verify a link sent on your e-mail address. All this is necessary to uniquely identify and authenticate you.

While you are using our services on web or app, we record your responses and activity data, including but not limited to, textual and voice responses and session details.


Multibhashi may use the information collected by you for the following purposes:

Authentication: Your personal information helps us identify you uniquely and authenticate your use of Multibhashi services by creating an account
Personalisation: Based on the data on your activity patterns and responses, Multibhashi customises the content and its delivery to you so that the learning experience can be made more meaningful.
Notifications: Your email address and phone number stored by us can be used to send you helpful notifications through e-mails and SMS which add to the effectiveness of the service.
Communication: Your personal details may also be used to answer your queries/doubts
Legal Purposes: In case of a legal situation, your information may be used to comply with the law to help an investigation or legal proceeding


Multibhashi gives highest importance to the safety of your information. However, there are certain cases where we might have to share your data with third parties as necessitated by law or despite our best intentions, we may be intercepted by ill-willed entities. Therefore, it is advisable to be fully aware of the risks associated with sharing your personal information with us. Following are a few instances where we might share your personal data with external parties:

Legal Entities: In cases of legal proceedings or investigations by a government body, we may be obligated to disclose all your information stored with us to help the process

Advertisers: On an anonymous and collective basis, we might share user activity, behaviour and engagement data with our advertisers for promotional or business development purposes. However, personally identifiable information like name and e-mail address will not be shared with any such external parties.



At Multibhashi, we are committed to the security of your privacy which is why we have taken adequate measures to ensure that your information is safe with us. However, since no system can guarantee 100% safety against hackers, we advise you to use the website and app assuming that the details you share with us maybe compromised in case of a cyber security breach.



If you are redirected to any other website or service from Multibhashi’s app or website, we would recommend going through this external party’s privacy policies before sharing any personally identifiable details with them because Multibhashi is not responsible for any such external parties and their use/misuse of your information.



Once you update/delete your personally identifiable information through your account settings like name and e-mail address in the Multibhashi website or app, this old/deleted information is not stored in any form at our end. You have every right to cease to hold an account with us as and when you want. However, the past activity data associated with your account is intact in anonymous form with us and we may utilise it for research and analysis purposes in order to improve the quality of our services.


Multibhashi reserves the right to revise this privacy policy as and when needed and a notice of revision, in case of material changes, will be provided on the website. However, it is your responsibility to stay updated on any policy revisions and we will take your continued use of our services as the acceptance of the new policies.


If you still have questions regarding privacy issues and how we handle your information that we store, pls feel free to reach us at

Last revised on 31 August 2017.