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thorax Xiōngbù


thorax = Xiōngbù

Pronunciation =  thorax

Pronunciation in Chinese = 胸部

thorax in Chinese: Xiōngbù

Part of speech Noun 

Definition in English : the part of the body of a mammal between the neck and the abdomen, including the cavity enclosed by the ribs, breastbone, and dorsal vertebrae, and containing the chief organs of circulation and respiration; the chest.
the part of a bird, reptile, amphibian, or fish that corresponds to the human thorax.
the middle section of the body of an insect, between the head and the abdomen, bearing the legs and wings. 

Definition in Chinese : 哺乳动物颈部和腹部之间的身体部分,包括由肋骨、胸骨和背椎围成的腔,并包含主要的循环和呼吸器官;胸部。

Examples in English :

  • The left arm bones were under the thorax.

Examples in Chinese :

  • 左臂骨位于胸部下方。

Synonyms of thorax

Synonyms in Chinese 胸部
Synonyms in English The chest

Antonyms of thorax

Antonyms in Chinese NA
Antonyms in English NA

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