what que (in questions), quoi (after preposition)

que (in questions), quoi (after preposition)

what = que (in questions), quoi (after preposition)

Pronunciation =  what

Pronunciation in French = what

what in French: que (in questions), quoi (after preposition)

Part of speechPronoun 

Definition in English:
asking for information specifying something, or asking for further information about the identity or categorization of something  

Definition in French: pouvant être complément d’objet direct, complément circonstanciel de temps, attribut ou sujet

Examples in English:

  • What is it called?

Examples in French:

  • Comment est-ce que ça s’appelle?

Synonyms of what

Synonyms in French alors, quelque
Synonyms in English anything, everything

Antonyms of what

Antonyms in French qui
Antonyms in English despite, regardless of

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