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How often have you found it boring to learn English? Ever felt that you have learned quite a lot but still unable to strike a conversation with someone? Yes, it sure is annoying. One feels like their English learning efforts have all gone in vain. Here, is a brilliant way to enter the world of easy English communication. Make sure you learn the most commonly used English phrases so as to start your conversation in English with anyone. Learning these English phrases will help you to get rid of your starting trouble in making a conversation.


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What are Phrases?

Phrases are group of words that act as a part of a sentence or speech and cannot stand alone. Phrases help to communicate better when used in written and spoken language.

Eg: I sat in a corner.

Here, ‘in a corner’ is the phrase used. You can notice that these words don’t make sense if they stand alone and hence needs to be part of a sentence.


Here are some English phrases that you can use in your daily life:

English Phrases used in daily life:

English PhrasesExamples
Thanks so much. 

Thanks so much for the gift


I really appreciate…


I really appreciate your help.
Excuse me.


Excuse me, sir, you forgot your bag.
I’m sorry.


I’m sorry for being rude.



What do you think?


I’m not sure if we should select the blue dress or the red one.What do you think?
 How does that sound?



We could have lunch at 1, and then go to a park. How does that sound?


That sounds great.


Yes, that sounds great. I will meet you outside the office.
Oh,never mind.


Oh, never mind. Its fine, I’ll send it after two days.
I don’t understand.


Sorry, I don’t understand.This book seems quite tough to understand!
Be Careful


Be careful. It’s quite dangerous around here at night.
Í’m sorry


I’m sorry, could you move a bit?

Everyone knows it


Everyone knows it, so, don’t worry.


Excellent. This is a great idea.


Help! There’s a burglar inside the house.


Hurry! We are already late.

Different types of Phrases

Noun Phrases:

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A phrase that acts like a noun in the sentence is called a noun phrase.  It is actually a combination of one noun and other related words.

For example: One of my friends had come home yesterday.

Here, ‘one of my friends’ act as the noun phrase.

Prepositional Phrase:

These types of phrases contain a preposition and an object related to the preposition.

For example: The kid ran to his father.

Here, ‘to his father’ is the prepositional phrase.

Adjective Phrase:

An adjective phrase is a phrase that acts like an adjective within a sentence. Like how an adjective modifies a word/ describes it, an adjective phrase does the same in a sentence.

Example: She bought a beautiful red dress.

Here, ‘a beautiful red dress’ is the adjective phrase.

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